Monday, November 5, 2012

Healthy Lunch Ideas

I am always looking for good ways to feed my kids great food while they’re at school.  I have spent a lot of time looking online for ideas that would miraculously get my kids to eat awesome things.  An overwhelming amount of sites made kids lunches into works of art!  I love art but some things just need to be quick. 

Unfortunately, I tried to make one of those wonderful artsy sandwiches into the shape of Tow Mater one day.   It took me over an hour!  I have four kids, and therefore, have four lunches to worry about.  Who has that kind of time on their hands?  So, I decided to compile some healthy, easy lunches for our kids to eat.   They may not be works of art but they are certainly great and efficient.  You can’t ask for more!  Please note: at the bottom of all the lunch ideas, you’ll see a link to give you a lot more options.  And, each picture has it’s own link.

Great way to use leftover pancakes!

Also they have cute notes you can print out!