Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Wonderful Discovery!

Some of you may or may not have read about my stomach problems and everything that was going on with me physically for so long.  I had probably about 30 symptoms that were making me gradually feel like I was a 55 year old in a constant brain fog.  I had symptoms ranging from post nasal drip to stomach issues, to neurological issues.  Walking into a doctor's office with a list of 30 things wrong with you is enough to make any doctor think you're nuts.  And, I was starting to wonder myself.  How can any one person have so many nagging little things wrong?

I had some tests done, and most everything came back normal.  I did however, have some stomach problems show up in the endoscopy.  So, the doctors declared me somewhat normal and prescribed medication.  There, done!   Well, not quite.  I still felt terrible!

After many months of struggling not only physically but now emotionally, I wondered what can I do???

I am a researcher by nature, so I found myself reading up on things online.  I was already on a quest to make our family's diet better.  So, my hubby bought a book for me called the UNHEALTHY TRUTH. Let me say this now: My husband always sees these kind of books as "Health Nut Conspiracy Theories".  So, it was an absolute miracle that he bought it for me (from my Amazon wish list). I was shocked to see what's been happening to our food supply.  I was appalled at how these foods can affect our body.  Consider reading it for yourself.  He actually is starting to see some of these things for himself too.  See this article too.

Because I was so interested in these things, I was visiting one of my favorite websites called 100 Days of Real Food.  I was trying to find a specific article pertaining to food items that day when I became distracted by an article on SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).  I will never be able to tell you why I was so interested in that article but to say that God must have lead me there.  I don't personally know anyone with the disorder yet it intrigued me.  It was definitely confirming what I had already learned through the book.

The article spoke about the fact that children with SPD can have great success and a lot fewer symptoms when on a gluten free diet.  I continued reading the article to the end....and there is where I saw it.  I saw a comprehensive list of the symptoms that a gluten intolerant person would endure.  They were symptoms ranging from postnasal drip, to stomach issues, to neurological issues and everything in-between.   God had lead me to answers that I had been desperately seeking for so long.

After that, I was determined to cut gluten from my diet completely.  I also chose to cut out dairy at the same time.  (Which I found out later, you should never cut out 2 things at the same time.  If you do, you won't know which one gives you trouble.)  I felt the same for two days, then REALLY tired for two days.  After that, one by one, my symptoms started to go away.  The constant fluid in the ears left, the post nasal drip was gone , the stomach things (many) started to ease, the brain fog gone, the tiredness lifted, the twitches in muscles lessened etc...  I can stay up till midnight almost every night again without feeling exhausted!!!

I have been completely gluten and mostly dairy free (a girl has to have some ice cream every once in a while) for 6 months now.  I feel awesome!!!

Why am I sharing this?  Well first of all I am not a doctor, so see your doctor if you're having problems.   I can only attest to what worked for me.  It may not be the same for you.  But, I am reminding you to be steadfast, continue to do your research.  Don't just take the doctor's word that you are fine....if you're really not.  Pray and seek God's provision for an answer!  I did not just happen to read that article by chance.  I am convinced that it was placed before me.  And, don't forget to give God the GLORY!


Long Time No Write.

Life has been so busy this year teaching music and homeschooling that I have fallen off the writing wagon.  But, I certainly have some things that I have learned that I would love to share with you if you care to read them.