Monday, September 24, 2012

ALDI's vs. BJ's

Here is my first installment of Aldi's vs BJ's.  I went shopping last week and kept track of all the prices of things that I purchased at BJ's.  Then, I went to Aldi's with my notebook to write down the prices of comparable- non-name brand things from Aldi's.  I wanted to share my findings with you because- really who has time to do this kind of thing?  I know I don't, but I am a nut, and did it anyway.
Keep in mind that almost all the things at Aldi's are generic; you can't use coupons most of the time.  AT BJ's everything is name brand and, they will actually allow you to combine the BJ's coupons and the manufactures coupons for a double discount.
I will do this again with a different shopping list so you can get a feel for their prices on other things.
That being said, check out my spreadsheet to see who won.  NOTE: the highlighted boxes are the cheaper items.  Spreadsheet