Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Licking Armpits- sad but true

Yes you read it correctly.  Yes, it says armpits and licking the same sentence.  And, yes, my whole household has lost it.  I think it's time for school to start.

So, I am sure you're wondering what this is all about.  Read carefully, because we don't want to lose you on this sad, pathetic display of boyhood!

We were sitting at the dinner table (which is a wonderful place for discussions like this- gross!).  I was being playful, obviously not a good first step.  I leaned over and put my mouth on one of the boy's arms-pretending he was dinner- exclaiming, "you taste salty!"  Immediately, all four kids put their arms in their mouths to see just how much salt is on their skin.  (ASIDE: a friend of mine told me the salt thing is a myth- but I digress)

It was cute, all four kids even the girl- and the laughter that ensued was contagious.  Well, I am sure you can already guess how we got to the next step.  One of the boys (which will remain nameless) said, "Hey I bet my armpit is salty!"  He then proceeds to try to lick his armpit.  Yes, he did!  Out of the corner I could see the other three about to do the same.

Everything after that was a blur of laughter and confusion because I got up from my chair screaming and running away.....they actually came running after me trying to do it more to gross me out.  I locked myself in the bathroom till I could control my laughter and my thoughts of them never ever getting married one day.  They stood outside the bathroom laughing till Daddy sent them all back to the table to get themselves under control.  Seriously, we are definitely a crazy bunch but this is not normal behavior to chase mommy and freak her out!

It made me think about when they get older- and the way we might have to deal with the BIG teenage issues.  I may be off the mark here, so please just read this as a maybe or probably statement.   But, I believe that the more we make a big deal out of something or freak out about their decisions, the more they'll want to do that thing.  That's our human nature anyway.  That's why we need to teach them calmly, all along, about the dangers, decisions, and the things they will face.  So that they can make informed decisions.  And, hopefully stay out of danger.  I know they will all make decisions that I won't be happy with. But hopefully, I can hold it together and not run and lock myself in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, I overlooked teaching them NOT TO LICK THEIR ARMPITS AT THE DINNER TABLE.  I mean really, did you think to teach your kids that?  HAHA!